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Wound Healing

Development of a smart wound dressing for delivering therapeutic agents and real-time monitoring of wound infection and glucose level.


Colorimetric Wound Infection Monitoring and Drug Delivery

GelDerm® is equipped with 3D-printed colorimetric pH sensors that detect bacterial infection. These sensors communicate with a developed smartphone application, iDerm, to monitor wound infection in real time. Additionally, GelDerm® can deliver antibiotics and growth factors to the wound site to eradicate infection and accelerate healing. More information can be found here.

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The composition of GelDerm® is optimized to retain wound moisture and maintain conformal contact with the wound

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Incorporation of Glucose Sensors

GelDerm® was further enhanced with the incorporation of glucose sensors for real-time monitoring of glucose levels in diabetic wounds.

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Preclinical Study

GelDerm® showed promising performance on infected wound models in mice. It accommodated real-time infection monitoring and accelerated wound healing via the release of antibiotics, bFGF, and VEGF. More information can be found here.

Publications in Wound Healing

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