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My Work

This page presents the groups of projects I have led in tissue engineering, wound healing, and drug delivery.

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Heart Valve Tissue Engineering

In this project, pediatric pulmonary heart valves were developed and tested under the physiological pressure and flow condition. Click here for more information.

Cardiac and Muscle Tissue Engineering

In this work, a novel method was developed to fabricate hydrogel fibres with micro-grooves, designed to provide physical cues to structural muscle cells and cardiomyocytes to form myotubes. Click here for more information.



Development of various strategies for the fabrication of functional hydrogel structures

Microfluidic bioprinting combined with computational modelling was used to fabricate hydrogel structures with tunable porosity from photo-crosslinkable polymers. Click here for more information.


Using 3D printing, various extruder systems were developed to produce Meter-long solid and hollow fibres with tunable microarchitecture from a variety of biomaterials. Click here for more information.

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Wound Healing

GelDerm® is a smart wound dressing with drug delivery and infection monitoring capabilities. The colorimetric pH sensors incorporated in GelDerm® can communicate with a developed smartphone application to monitor wound infection in real-time. Click here for more information.

Drug Delivery

In this project, various drug-releasing hydrogel patches were developed for the treatment of glioblastoma via in-situ delivery of chemotherapeutic agents such as temozolomide and all-trans retinoic acid. Click here for more information.

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