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Development of various biofabrication methods for tissue engineering applications.


A Novel Method for 3D Bioprinting of Photo-Crosslinkable Polymers with Control Over Polymer Concentration and Final Hydrogel Porosity


Hydrogel structures with tunable porosity were generated using microfluidic bioprinting combined with computational modelling. In a coaxial flow system, the radial diffusion of photo-crosslinkable polymers, running in the core flow, was controlled by adjusting the viscosity of the sacrificial sheath flow to provide control over hydrogel porosity.  More information can be found here.


A New Method to Fabricate Fibres with Tunable Microarchitecture

Using 3D printing, various extruder systems were developed to produce meter-long solid and hollow fibres with tunable microarchitecture from a variety of biomaterials.

These fibres were used to fabricate more complex structures via weaving braiding, and embroidering methods. Click here for more information.

Publications in Biofabrication

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